Great Wall at Badaling & Ming Tombs One Day Tour

Being the ancient military defense project, Great Wall is symbol and proud of China.
It is convenient to visit Great Wall from Beijing. There are many sections of Great Wall around Beijing city. Badaling Great Wall is the site of the most visited section of the Great Wall partly because it is close to Beijing city and connected with the urban area by expressway.
This section of wall is the first section opened to tourists (in 1957) after reconstructed. Badaling Great Wall shows the Great Wall as it would have looked originally, and it does not look too new. That is another reason of why most travelers choose Badaling Great Wall.
There is a Great Wall Museum and Great Wall National Theater close to Badaling Great Wall. The theater offers you a chance to get a full view of the Great Wall of China.

Travel arrangement:

The tour guide and driver will pick up the guests around 7:00 in the morning, then along the Badaling Expressway traffic 1 hour 30 minutes, arrived at the first place to visit---Badaling Great Wall.

The tour time is 3 hours and the guide will in detail to explain the history of the attractions, the source of the story, etc. After Badaling, about 12:00 arrange to have lunch. Then traveling to the Ming Tombs by bus at 13:00. On the way to watch the ancient Shinto and stone arch. We will arrive Ding Ling or Chang Ling at 14:00 and the tour time is 2 hours.

Overlooking the Ming Tombs reservoir by Chairman Mao personally approved, construction of the command. The tour guide will provide a wonderful explanation throughout. Around 17:00 we will come back to the downtown. Arriving the Olympic Park, to watch the Olympic Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. Sent before 18:00 to the hotel and ending the day of travel.